New Boat, New Base, New Health Post

February 28, 2012 at 6:11 pm

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New Boat, New Base, New Health Post

Generated on February 28, 2012

New Boat

In January we had our monthly board meeting to decide how to proceed with our ASI funding that was coming through. Last year we had been approved for $20,000 from ASI towards building or buying a new boat that will help in transporting our groups of volunteers into the jungle. We were stumped on how to proceed. Though we had received this promised money, it wasn’t nearly enough to acquire the boat. As we discussed and prayed about how to move forward, we felt impressed to move forward by faith and begin looking for the right boat.

A few days later I was downtown at the docks and we saw a nice boat, very similar to what we visualized as the one we wanted to buy. As we begin to chat with the owner we found out it was for sale. The asking price was nearly $90,000 more than we had! A bit discouraged, I went on home to sulk over the fact that we may never get this much needed boat. We continued to take it to the Lord in prayer, trying to decide how to proceed.

The very next week the Lord came through once again. The very man who 5 years ago donated our very first boat, the catamaran, felt impressed to donate to our project once again. After inquiring about our current needs, he felt impressed to help…. pledging a donation of $90,000! Praise the Lord! This week we just received all the monies by bank transfer and we will compare the available boats for sale, in our search for the perfect boat for God’s work. Please join us in praising God for His amazing blessings and asking Him for guidance in choosing the right boat!

First Health Expo

DSC_0511-300x200.jpgTowards the end of our one month LIGHT course we held the very first Health Expo in our local village, Puraquequara. It was a huge blessing to have over 150 people come through our stands and learn more about health. The participants were invited to visit our local church and we have already had some take us up on the offer! We were thrilled to hold our first graduation ceremony as well, of 8 students who finished the one month LIGHT course.

DSC_0014-300x200.jpgThis last week we heard news from the jungle that one of the participants is already using his new found knowledge. Dunga, a 17 year old, has been sharing with his village the many things he learned in health and evangelism.

New Base in Rondônia

250px-Brazil_State_Rondonia.svg_.pngLast week I traveled with three other volunteers to a neighboring state in Brazil, Rondônia, to open a new base. We had received a visit from a young dentist who lives there and was actively seeking to get involved in God’s work. He spent a short time with us here in the Amazon and was so excited that he wanted to take the work to his state, also located in the Amazon Basin. We were able to visit during the annual campout and speak to over 500 people about the excitement of getting involved in God’s work as laymen! Many people, moved by the stories and testimonies, pledged their involvement in the activities of the new base. A small coordinating group was formed and we will be deciding in which unreached village to initiate the medical mission work.

Health Post on the Massauari

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, our boat, Salva Vidas II, is out working in the jungle with the husband and wife nurse team. After doing evangelism and medical outreach, we decided to build a health clinic in the jungle region on the Massauari River, an area with very little SDA presence. This clinic will serve as a base where volunteers will live, see patients, and contribute towards the spiritual needs of the river people. The locals promised to provide all the needed wood for the building, and in a matter of weeks, they have provided almost all the wood! Keep posted for pictures!

Each month we want thank you all for your support of this project, but we mean it with absolute sincerity. As a project advancing by faith, we depend upon the Lord monthly for every need, including our daily food. Please continue to pray for with us for God’s continual provisions. May God bless each sacrificial giver and may you realize this project exists because of your partnership!

Brad Mills

Program Director

Amazon Lifesavers Ministry
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