Tragedy on the Negro River

September 27, 2011 at 10:27 pm

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Tragedy on the Negro River

Generated on Sept. 27, 2011

To our many friends, family, and prayer supporters. Many of you may have already received the heartbreaking news, but we would like to briefly share officially of what happened this weekend. Our mission boat, the Salva Vidas 3, left Manaus on Saturday morning bound for

Boat Before Capsizing

Saracá, a small community located on the Rio Negro about 70 kilometers from Manaus. Our goal was to start with medical missionary work and then place a bible worker in the village and see the plantation of a new SDA church.

Sabbath was a huge success. We spent the day doing a worship service and medical

The Group With Some Villagers

medical care. The people received our group very warmly and were very interested in our return. That evening we loaded the group back onto the boat and planned to depart back towards Manaus around midnight. We had a total of 20 volunteers on the boat, made up of healthcare professionals and university students from Manaus. We also had two visiting Americans with us. Around 12:20 in the morning, just prior to our departure, a violent storm started out of nowhere. Without any warning and no time to respond, the wind ripped the top off our boat and then proceeded to turn over the boat in the river, nearly 600 feet offshore. The boat immediately filled with water and began to slowly sink, with all of us still inside the boat.

Many prayers went up to God, and many angels were busy at work on that boat

The Boat After the Storm

that evening to save God’s children from certain death. 19 of us were able to get out of the inside and onto the side of the sinking boat, screaming and crying for help. One man, a physician volunteer, was pulled from the boat unconscious and by God’s grace we were able to bring him back with CPR. Tragically, we lost one young female volunteer. Dafne Paulino, a young psychology student, was unable to get out of the boat and we were unable to find her in time. Her husband was the man we did CPR on.

We are suffering a great deal at this time and we implore you for your prayer support for each victim that was on the boat that evening. All 19 of us are now safely at home with our families and are trying to recuperate both physically and mentally. Please pray by name for Anibal, who lost his wife. Please pray for each of the volunteers. Also please pray for God’s wisdom on how to move forward at this time. We need divine wisdom to show us the steps in which to walk so that Satan does not win this victory, but that by the very death of a young missionary, more souls can come to accept Christ in the village of Saracá and all over the Amazon.

Thank you for your prayers. We will send more detailed stories of God’s miraculous intervention in future emails.

God bless,

Brad Mills

Program Director

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