Cabori Outreach and Other Updates

August 24, 2011 at 4:45 pm

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Cabori Outreach and other Updates July/August 2011

After nearly 12 hours of navigation downstream the large Amazon River, Joca, our local boat captain, and myself were very grateful to pull into the small inlet that led back to the small jungle village of Cabori. Being our first time to visit this community, we had no idea of what to expect in regard to its size, development, or receptivity. We were arriving on the mission launch with a medical and dental team to support the evangelistic efforts of the local pastor in starting a church in an otherwise non-penetrated area by the Adventist church.

During the month of July, Amazon Lifesavers Ministry partnered with our local conference office using the medical mission work coupled with evangelism and church planting. We spent the whole month traveling between seven different locations taking a team of healthcare professionals to provide much needed medical care and invite our patients to attend the evangelism and church planting taking place. We took part in witnessing the growth of many new congregations.

Returning to Cabori….. The first day there we set up our makeshift medical and dental clinic in the government post and begin seeing patients. As I mingled with the local people who were helping organize the clinic I began inviting them to participate in the evening program that would be help in the newly constructed Adventist church. That is when I discovered that Cabori also had a Seventh-day Adventist Promise church, an offshoot of Adventist that is found in many areas of Brazil. Being the first time to encounter such a situation, I determined to know more about this church.

Not even thirty minutes later, a pleasant lady entered into my consult room for a visit. She immediately shared that she was from this SDA Promise church and that my next patient would be the pastor of the church. This lady and her husband had been the pioneers who donated the land to start the church.Our medical care opened the doors to form a wonderful friendship with her family and the young pastor and his family.

Later that afternoon, after I finished attending all my patients, I quickly made my way to where they told me the church and their houses were located. We spent the afternoon visiting, talking of God, and sharing more of the Adventist message. The young pastor and his wife, who felt as lonely missionaries in a foreign village, were so excited for a visit and study together. They eagerly accepted the DVD Bible study series I gave them and the reading material to inspire God’s remanant Church. And most exciting of all, that evening for the inauguration ceremony of the new SDA Church, the SDA Promise church with pastor and all were there sitting with us to celebrate a new church.

Church-building in Coari

For most of the month of July we had a group of 7 people with us from the Hemet SDA Church in Hemet, California. The group, led by their Pastor Mike Wilson, spent their vacation helping build a church in a small village of the Lake Mamia in our Coari base. Pastor Mike and his wife Kathy had lived in Brazil nearly 25 years early as they worked in many pastoral positions with the church. He flew the mission plane for the Luzeiro program for many years on the Amazon River. They were thrilled to see old friends and church members that they had known so many years before. The village of Paraiso was blessed to receive a new church and reconnect with Pastor Mike and Kathy Wilson. The group also had a dentist who was able to provide dental services to many river dwellers at the church construction site. Harvey Harder, who grew up on the Amazon considering Leo Halliwell a grandpa, also was with the group. It was a special group to have visiting our project.

80 year commemoration of Luzeiro project

The month of July also marked a special date in Adventist history for the Brazilian SDA church. On July 4, 1931 the first Luzeiro boat was inaugurated by Leo and Jessie Halliwell. That first boat opened up the very first church in the north of Brazil as well, in a small village called the Fazenda Centenario, belonging to the city of Maues. On July 2, 2011, we celebrated together with the Union office 80 years of Luzeiro. The Union rented a huge facility and had two programs, with nearly 7,000 SDA church members attending the programming in the morning and 7,000 in the afternoon. Our project presented jointly with the church the Luzeiro project. Our union President, Gilmar Zahn, personally thanked our project for the supporting work it is doing for the Adventist Church.

The last week of the month, all our boats converged at the Fazenda Centenario for a campmeeting at the site where the first SDA church was constructed in the Amazon. We had the privilege of receiving our South American Division President, Erton Kohler, to be a part of that programming. Amazon Lifesavers Ministry is thankful to be able to support our official church body in providing transporting and continuing the medical missionary work in the interior of the Amazon of Brazil.

Special Blessings at ASI

To end the month and begin August, we were present at ASI’s national convention in Sacramento, California. Amazon Lifesavers Ministry had a booth and shared our newest DVD highlighting the story of our project’s growth and God’s leading. We are so thankful to ASI and all its donors to announce the $20,000 donation that we will be receiving from ASI this year to begin construction on a new boat. Please keep this project in your prayers. We will be building a larger aluminum bottomed boat with an inboard engine that can carry 20 passengers much more quickly into the jungle. This boat will allow us to receive groups and transport them for less cost and more time economical to reach more un-entered areas of the Amazon Jungle. Please pray for this project, as the donation received will not be enough to finish the construction.

Future Pans for Medical Missionary Training School

As we enter into more areas and sense the need for more properly trained Bible workers, we have felt God’s calling to open a Bible training center. We are prayerful studying out the challenge of starting a training center in Manaus to prepare Bible workers to continue opening up areas of the jungle. We will be partnering with LIGHT to do a one month medical missionary training school in January of next year. Then we plan on continuing the plans to develop a full 6-month course. Please pray for our project as we continue growing and search for more ways to reach the Amazon with the Three Angel’s message! Praise God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is coming soon!

Brad Mills

Program Director

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