April Newsletter

April 10, 2011 at 8:33 pm

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April Newsletter

Generated on April 10, 2011

No More Tarantulas!

DSC_0467-200x300.jpg Brick by brick the walls have slowly gone up! Last week we had a group of 18 young people join our mission from Madison Academy in Nashville, Tennessee. The group boarded our boat, the Salva-Vidas (Lifesaver) 3, and traveled nearly 20 hours into the jungle to the village of Coatá. If you remember from our October 2010 newsletter, this village had a small church filled with tarantulas and bats and walls falling apart from rotten wood.

The first day we were there, on Sabbath morning, we took the whole group into the small and falling down church to have a special service with the local people. Someone from the group looked around at the church and asked if this was the same church that we had mentioned in a newsletter that was filled with tarantulas. We chuckled and said we couldn’t tell. However it didn’t take long to figure it out. As I called Aluisio, the church leader, to come forward so that I could introduce him to the group, shrieks of terror were heard. Confused, I wondered why the visitors would scream at the sight of this friendly-looking man. Aluisio then turned around to face the group and I saw it too, a huge black tarantula slowly crawling up his back. As he had waited at the back of the church for me to call him he leaned against the wall, allowing this monstrous spider to jump on for a ride. Needless to say, it was a fun Sabbath (and some people choose to worship from outside the building after that event!).

In the five working days that the group was in Coatá, we were able to get the foundation laid, the supports all put in place for the walls and ceiling, and the first 3 feet of brick wall laid. We had a great time with so many young people working together to serve God. Thank you Madison Academy for reaching out to your brothers in the Amazon River.

Man overboard, or… underboard!

DSC_0433-300x200.jpg Wednesday morning during our week of construction at Coatá, our local district pastor was loading up his small aluminum boat to travel to town. He was going for some meetings and would be taking my wife, our two boys, and my mother (who was visiting with the Madison group). It was a rainy morning and our whole group was still on our large boat, anchored in the middle of the river. We were all asking ourselves why the Lord had allowed it to rain when we had a church to build. The pastor’s boat was tied to our large boat and as we brought him luggage he carefully wrapped each piece in a tarp to avoid getting everything soaked on the 2 hour trip to town. Lina was getting the kids ready and almost all was set to go.

After the last piece of luggage was wrapped, Joca, our boat captain, climbed on the aluminum boat to help tie the luggage down. Suddenly he felt the boat tipping to one side and let out a cry for help. As I stepped out of our large boat I arrived just in time to see the top of the aluminum boat disappearing into the dark depths of the river. I let out three screams of “Oh my goodness” as I ran to see how I could assist.

Getting to the edge of our boat, I reached down and was able to secure the rope tied to the front of the aluminum boat, to keep the boat from sinking to the depths of the river. At the back of the boat was the pastor, treading water, his face as white as a ghost. Behind him sank his brand new 40HP outboard motor. As I looked around I noticed that Joca was nowhere to be seen. “Pastor, where is Joca?!!” I yelled several times, but the pastor was not sure. Quickly I sent a prayer up to God, “Lord, please help Joca.” Could it be that he was stuck under the boat? The seconds ticked by like hours as I waited and tried to decide whether I should jump in or wait. Suddenly to our sheer joy Joca surfaced, slightly behind the boat. When the boat had turned over, his foot had gotten caught in the rope tied to the boat. He worked hard and with God’s help was able to get freed from the ropes and made it to the surface. Praise God!

All these events were simultaneously happening when a group of young men from Madison Academy heard my cry and leaped into the water to help. Several guys quickly swam to each side of the boat and were able to keep it from sinking any farther. With the help of each person we were able to save every single piece of luggage, evangelistic material, and the boat itself. By a miracle, though all the luggage was soaked, the Lord kept the pastor’s computer and my wife’s Bible from getting wet. We praise the Lord for His divine protection in all times!

OCI Mission Trip

amazon-300x194.jpg We are excited that Outpost Centers International is planning to join us on a mission trip here in the Amazon on November 6-20. Here is the opportunity you have all been waiting for. If you would like to come and get to know our project first hand, please get in touch with OCI. We are planning to take the group into the jungle on the Amazon Lifesavers 3 boat, to do a construction or community workbee project. No specific skills are needed other than a willing heart and flexibility. Check out OCI’s webpage for more information: http://www.outpostcenters.org/missiontrip

New positions for volunteers

The project is growing quickly and is always in need of new volunteers. Please check out our webpage and look at the volunteer opportunities that you can get involved in. Having three operating boats with small support boats, we are in need of a full time volunteer mechanic that wants to dedicate his talents to serving the Lord. Also needed is a maintenance man and Portuguese speaking medical and Bible workers and boat captains. Visit our website and keep up to date with all the ways in which you can get involved.

Thank you to all who are faithfully praying for and financially supporting God’s work on the Amazon!

Brad Mills
Program Coordinator

If you are interested in helping with this project, your tax-deductible contributions can be sent to: Outpost Centers International5340 Layton LaneApison, TN 37302
*On a separate piece of paper specify that this is for Amazon Lifesavers Ministry.

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