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March 2, 2011 at 5:37 pm

Baptisms in Camarão

After one full year of medical mission work on the Copea River, two weeks ago witnessed the very first baptism of a Seventh-day Adventist on that river. The new district pastor eagerly made the several hour boat trip from the center of his district to join our mission boat and team of excited volunteers. 18 people gave their lives to Christ that day in the previously only Catholic community of Camarão.

When our mission boat pulled alongside the banks of Camarão nearly one year ago, several teenagers ran off to put their clothes on. Due to the poverty in this village, the people tend to keep their one change of clothing stored for an event or the arrival of someone to the village. After breaking the ice with medical and dental care, Dr. Ricardo, base coordinator of Coari, decided to return on a monthly basis to this community to try and reach the people with the message of Christ. The small village of Camarão was a typical Catholic community, many people claiming to follow a religion and not even opening a Bible. After friendships were made and hearts were opened, we placed a full time local Bible worker in the community to begin Bible studies. So many people were excited to read the Bible and hear so many beautiful teachings for the first time in their lives. During Christmas, Dr. Ricardo and his wife Suzy took a small group of volunteers to the village to share the story of Jesus’ birth with the children. Two weeks ago 18 persons dedicated their lives to the Lord in the public act of baptism.

We are currently making plans to build a small wooden church in the village of Camarão for these new brethren to have a place of worship. If you feel called by God to help, you can send your donation to OCI and make a special note that it is for church construction for the Amazon Lifesavers Ministry. Please join us in praying for these new brethren and the ones that studied and have not taken their stand yet.

Boat captain Medical Missionary Training Course

The very last weekend of January the Amazon Lifesavers Ministry in collaboration with ADRA Brasil held its very first boat captain medical missionary training course. All our volunteers working on our four different boats came together at the project base in Puraquequara for a one weekend training and further education course. On Sabbath we had 4 pastors ranging from district level to union level come and present workshops on evangelism and importance of Bible work in the jungle. We also did training on holding evangelistic series for adults and children. On Sunday we held medical and nautical workshops, including such topics as: Anatomy and Physiology, basic care for snake bite victims, Boating 101, Boating safety and Brazilian regulations, etc. We had nearly 30 volunteers present at the event. These participants are all directly involved as volunteers in our project, some full time and others as part time volunteers, dedicating their extra time to service of others. We were thrilled at the opportunity to organize and advance the cause here in the Amazon and to be able to better equip the local volunteers who are dedicating their lives and talents to God’s work. We are planning on continuing this course for our volunteers as a one weekend event every three months with different topics and subjects.

Future events

This very week we have a group of 10 medical professionals here from Southern Adventist’s University’s School of Nursing. This group is traveling in one of our mission boats on the Mamia Lake bringing healing and health to the residents of that area. Please keep the group in your prayers.

In March we will be receiving a group from Loma Linda University who will be traveling together with ADRA Brasil’s boat to a newly explored area in Manacapuru. This group will be focusing on the dental aspect of care.

Also we will be receiving Madison Academy from Nashville, TN at the end of March. This group of 18 young persons will travel into the outskirts of an indigenous area to help build a small wooden church.


We were just able to get a USA phone number for our project that rings us on our computer here in Brazil. If you need to call the project for some reason, feel free to call us at 615-863-3722. Whenever we are in the office we can answer your call. This is a local call from Nashville, TN.

On last note, I (Brad Mills) am experiencing a complete recovery from my illness. Praise God for health and energy to continue His work. Thank you all very much who prayed for my health, we found true comfort in the many emails received of people praying! Thank you all!

Please keep this project in your prayers and thank you for your financial support.

God Bless,

Brad Mills
Program Coordinator

Amazon Lifesavers Ministry

If you are interested in helping with this project, your tax-deductible contributions can be sent to:

Outpost Centers International5340 Layton LaneApison, TN 37302

*On a separate piece of paper specify that this is for Amazon Lifesavers Ministry.

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