Quick update on Brad’s health

February 14, 2011 at 11:13 am

Just a quick update to all. I know that many have been hearing through others and asking, so I just wanted to make a small update. I (Brad Mills) have been quite ill the last week and a half now. On Sabbath, the 5th of February, I came down with a fever that progressively got worse. It was sticking around 103.6 continuously. On Tuesday I went to the Tropical Disease Hospital in Manaus to rule out several tropical illnesses that I was considering I could have. I was diagnosed with dengue fever. Typically dengue fever is a non-complicated 5-7 day fever that is also called “bone-breaker” due to the pain and suffering that you feel. I developed one of the rare and grave complication of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. During the course of dengue your capillaries become very inflamed and began consuming your free floating platelets in your blood. My platelet count fell initially to 97,000 and shortly after to 67,000. I began having fluid loss internally though no one knew. On Thursday at home my blood pressure began dropping quickly to a dangerous low. My wife placed an IV and did IV fluid replacement the whole day and the next. This saved my life, because I was losing fluids internally. On Saturday I had an abdominal CT done and was diagnosed with 1. Ascites 2. Hepatomegaly and 3. Small Bowl distention. I was discharged Sunday from the hospital and appear to be doing better. I will be returning to the hospital for more blood work and ultrasounds of the abdomen to ensure that these conditions are all improving.

Thank you all for your prayers and pray for my quick recovery to execute the many plans we have for this and next month in the project! God bless all.

God Bless,

Brad Mills
Program Coordinator

Amazon Lifesavers Ministry

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