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November 21, 2010 at 10:44 pm


Giro Church Inaugurated

After much prayer and work, the church in Giro was finally inaugurated. The Giro community was initially penetrated with the medical work, and then Bible studies were given house by house. Now the believers have a place to worship. The local pastor just finished an evangelistic series in the newly constructed church with over 20 baptisms as a result. It is wonderful to see the members attending church every Sabbath. Thank you to all who donated to make this a reality!

Record Amazon Draught

This year we experienced a record draught in the Amazon. The Amazon Basin water level reached its lowest level in recorded history. The lake in front of our primary base in Manaus totally dried up leaving one of our boats trapped. It is a blessing to finally have some rain falling again. Please pray with us that our lake will fill quickly so our boat can begin work again.

New Family Joins US

The Usuga family joins us from Medellin, Colombia. Nelson is a paramedic and Karolina is a seamstress. Their son Josht is four. They will be working full-time as Bible workers on our second boat, the Catamaran.
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  • Giro church finished
  • Record Amazon Draught
  • New family joins team


Here are a few other things that have been happening recently:

Upcoming Mission Trips
  • February Mission Trip- Southern Adventist University
  • March Mission Trip – Madison Academy and Loma Linda University
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