New Luzeiro Inaugurated

May 18, 2010 at 9:07 am

Bolivia Trip

My heart was pounding intensely. Surely it wasn’t going to end like this! However as the plane zoomed closer and closer to the end of the tiny airstrip with only jungle at the other end, my fears were increasing quickly. I closed my eyes, trying to avoid seeing the inevitable collision. As the plane jerked to a stop I let out a shout of joy for the successful landing in the small village of Rosario on the River Beni in the state of Pando, Bolivia. The pilot smiled and said the last time he landed there, he had used even more of the runway!

The last week of April we took a group of 11 doctors, dentists, nurses, and Bible workers on a trip into the Amazon jungles of Bolivia. Coordinating with the local mission school run by Ruan and Tara Swanepoel, we came to provide medical work as a door opener to the new areas where they plan to take students to do evangelism. Our team had a wonderful experience interacting with the local Bolivians, learning a new culture, and trying out a different language. In the small jungle village of Rosario, where there are more pigs than people, the village had not had a visit from a doctor in years. We set up and did medical and dental consults for every member of the community. It was thrilling to see once more how the medical mission work opened the door in this completely Catholic community. Please continue praying for the Industrial School in Guayaramerin, Bolivia as they continue teaching students to serve God and taking the three angels message to the unentered areas of Bolivia.

Inauguration of a new Launch, Luzeiro XXVI

Luzeiro 26

Sabbath, May 15 was an exciting day for Seventh-day Adventists in all Manaus and Brazil as the Seventh-day Adventist Church officially inaugurated the new launch, Luzeiro XXVI. The day was well planned by the union in collaboration with the local Adventist Hospital. Two rented boats plus the new Luzeiro boat carried several volunteer doctors, dentists, and nurses to attend in three communities close to Manaus. In the afternoon they held the official ceremony inaugurating the launch. All the volunteers of ASVAM, Luzeiro Amazonia Project, are thrilled to see one more boat dedicated for God’s service in the interior of the Amazon. The event was especially fond to our hearts because this was the very boat that we sold back to the church for the start of ADRA Amazonas. Please continue to pray for more boats and more workers here in the Amazon.

Luzeiro Amazonia 3

The Luzeiro Amazonia 3 set sail today for its first official mission into the interior. This is the wooden boat that we purchased a few months ago. The boat is being piloted by Satur, Cleber, and Bruno as it goes up the River Solimoes to the destination of River Piorini. This area is extremely poor and has no Adventist presence at all. Please keep this mission in your prayers over the next several weeks as Dr. Ricardo, the River Solimoes base coordinator, takes a group into this unreached area. Pray for their safety and for success as they open up new areas where God’s truths have not yet penetrated. Stay tuned for a June report of this mission.

We thank you in advance for remember this program in your daily prayers. We realize each day that we are involved in a Great Conflict between good and evil. Satan wants nothing more than to keep those along the banks of the Amazon in darkness. Seeing that our time on this earth is nearly ending, please, please, join us in prayer for these souls. We want to see that God has used each one of us to bring someone to Him. Remember that through your prayers and support you are being directly used by God in the reaching of souls!

We look forward to seeing many of you on a visit to the United States. Please make an effort to come by our booth at the General Conference Session in Atlanta and visit us!

God Bless,
Bradley Mills
Program Coordinator


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New Base Inaugurated Fire on Board!!!

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