New Base Inaugurated

April 9, 2010 at 3:09 pm

March flew by full of activities along the banks of the Amazon River. We praise God for each new month He gives us and seeing the incredible way that He leads us. Evangelism, construction, opening of new bases, and volunteers visiting all combined to give us a very busy and productive March.

New Base opened in Novo Airão

As previously planned on our yearly calendar we inaugurated a new base in Novo Airão on Sabbath, March 27. The week started off on Sunday, March 21 with the arrival of a team of 30 people from Loma Linda University: students, faculty, and local health professionals. We traveled by boat up the Rio Negro all day Sunday and then slowly made our way back downstream all during the week, stopping each day at villages to do medical mission work. The week culminated in the arrival of nearly 30 SDA healthcare professionals from the city of Manaus who joined us on Friday afternoon. Sabbath and Sunday were both full days of caring for the sick, literature distribution, and kids programs. Sabbath evening ended with a sundown vespers program and prayer dedicating the work in the new base to the advancement of God’s church! Over 60 people were all together to bring in the new week.

Each trip we make into the interior we are reminded of how medical missionary work is truly the right hand to the gospel. This trip we visited a community called “Good Jesus”, where the entire community is Assembly of God. Normally Adventism would not be welcome into such a community, however no one turns away the much needed help of doctors, nurses, and dentists. After attending the whole community we were able to give out sharing books on the beautiful truths of the Sabbath. The leader of the community, who is also the leader of the church, was thrilled to have our team present, and invited us to return in the future.

The following day we went to another community and had a similar experience. An older man slowly shuffled into the clinic. He came because his ingrown toenail had become infected. Red, swollen, and oozing pus, he was in a moderate amount of pain. As Dr. Ricardo and I sat up and went to work removing the ingrown toenail, the man began asking us about our religious beliefs. It turns out he was the pastor of the local Assembly of God church. He was thrilled to find out that we were Seventh-day Adventists, stating that he had seen how well our church works all along the rivers. He then mentioned how much he enjoyed listening to “It is Written” in Portuguese. This provided a wonderful sharing opportunity, for we had with us a small sharing book written by Mark Finley about the Sabbath. The pastor cheerfully accepted the book that shared the truths of God’s word and promised to read it!

We are cheered to see the work move forward and still open hearts to God’s truth. In Last Day Events page 80 we are reminded “I wish to tell you that soon there will be no work done in ministerial lines but medical missionary work.” CH 533 (1901).

Evangelism in Ponta Alegre

The evangelism in Ponta Alegre was completed. To God’s honor and glory 53 souls were baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. To all the new members delight, the church building itself was finished as well. The church was painted a beautiful dark orange color, at the decision of the local indigenous people. Now when arriving to Ponta Alegre the first thing you see is the beautiful reconstructed SDA church. Praise God for dedicated persons who are willing to give their lives for God’s work in the hard to reach areas of the world.

Church construction in Giro

Hopefully you have not forgotten the small neighborhood of Giro located just about 15 minutes from our base in Puraquequara. This is where evangelism was done and the people asked for the construction of a house of worship for their community. You might remember that Cleber and Denise used their very last money to help purchase a piece of property for the construction of the church. Just this last month a sizeable donation was received for the construction of this church. Praise be to God the work is progressing rapidly. The foundation has been put in place and the walls are starting to go up!

Please continue to pray for this program and for the many needs all along the Amazon River. Each time that we make a small step forward into a newly unexplored area we realize just how large and unentered the Amazon still remains. We still have quite a work left to do on this earth and only through prayer and joint effort, allowing the Holy Spirit to be poured out on each one of us, will we be able to assist in finishing the work on this earth. Thank you for the part that you have played in reaching the people along the Amazon. The value of just one soul can never be downplayed, for the life of Jesus was given for each and every person!

My wife and kids and I will be traveling to the USA at the end of May. We will be there for nearly 6 weeks. We will be traveling to several places for camp-meeting and church speaking appointments. We will also have a booth at the General Conference Session in Atlanta. If you have a chance please come by and see us! We will be speaking at our home church of Rossville, Georgia on Sabbath, May 22. We will also be attending the North Carolina Campmeeting where we will be speaking each evening about the work here in Brazil.

God bless each one of you and keep us in your prayers,

Bradley Mills

General Coordinator

Luzeiro Amazonia Project


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