Tucumanduba and Ponta Alegre

January 30, 2010 at 8:56 am

Ariau Church

            The new year has started full of activity in the Amazon.  We are just returning from a three week trip in the Luzeiro 2, the catamaran.  This trip provided another wonderful opportunity to see God’s guiding hand as we continue moving forward in His work.          

            At the start of the trip we returned to Ariau to visit the new members and church.  I began to feel like Paul on his many journeys by boat, always trying to return and strengthen the brethren.  In Ariau there has been 20 people baptized as a result of our work there.  It was thrilling to spend some time visiting the members and encouraging those who had participated in Bible studies but have not taken a stand yet. 

            The second week of the trip was campmeeting.  There is nothing more exciting than campmeeting in the jungle.  Boats come from all over, all shapes and sizes, full of people swinging in their hammocks, ready for a week of spiritual revival.  The Luzeiro team was responsible for the

Visit from the pastors

 children’s program.  Around 200 kids per day came to enjoy songs, stories, videos, and mission presentations.  I was also busy attending the sick.  With over 1000 people present, hardly could I sit down before someone else would call me to come and see a sick person.  It was truly an action packed week. 

            On Friday we were blessed with a visit from all the pastors on our boat.  The four pastors running the program came to pay us a visit and to get to know the Luzeiro Launch.  We had a nice time swapping stories, for Pr. Jose Carlos Bezerra, one of the pastors, lived on one of the Luzeiros for three years working in the interior.   It is such a blessing to work for God’s church, carrying forth the Advent message.

            The last week we ventured back into the indigenous reservation of the Satere Mawe Indians.  This specific tribe has over 36 villages, with only a very few having the presence of the Adventist Church.  For the next three months we will be working in the village of Ponta Alegre.  Pr. Deovanir and Marcia will be living in a small hut in the village to begin Bible studies and an evangelistic series.  We sat and spoke with the Indian chief about our plans and received his full approval of our work there.  Please begin praying each day for the people of Ponta Alegre.  Please pray during the month of March while Pr. Deo will be holding the evangelistic series and opening to these people the truth of the Gospel.

            This new year will be packed with so many activities.  In February we will be starting work in Lake Catua, far up the Solimoes River towards Peru.  The Luzeiro 1 will be heading up that way and will start with medical clinics to open the doors.  Please pray for the receptivity of this location.  There are multiple communities in this lake which we hope to reach with the Three Angels Message. 

            In February I will also be traveling to Colombia for a mission’s conference at the Adventist University in Medellin.  Please pray for our travel safety.  I will be flying up in the mission plane with Jeff Sutton from Bolivia.  Jeff currently coordinates GMI’s aviation program in Bolivia.

            Shortly we will have the 2010 Calender of Events posted on our website for you to keep up with all our mission events for the year.  Please keep the Luzeiro Project in your prayers.  Please continue to pray for safety, God’s leading, and all the small things needed to keep a project running. 

God bless,

Brad Mills 

Director of Luzeiro Amazonia Project, Brazil Medical Launch

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