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December 17, 2009 at 3:09 pm

            The Bible studies continued.  Several days a week Cleber and Denise studied with the inhabitants of Giro.  Since the evangelistic series that was done in June of this year, several families continued expressing their interest in studying the word of God.  After these families decided to keep the Sabbath, the search began for a piece of property to start a new church.  Due to smallness of the village, the search ended quickly, focusing in on a small piece of property that was just the right size for a church building.  The price was $5,000 reais for the land, a mere $2,700 dollars.  Cleber shook on the deal, knowing that God would provide the money, even though he didn’t have it. 

            That evening Cleber came home and after discussing it with Denise, they came to tell us about the deal.  They decided to make a total commitment.  As volunteer missionaries they were already giving their fulltime service to the Lord.  Now they were ready to give all the money that they had from tax returns to acquire this piece of property.  Within two days the rest of the money was donated by church members from other churches in Manaus.  Please continue to pray for this new Church project, for those who will learn of Christ’s love and for the money needed to now build a small church on the newly acquired property.  Next Sunday, December 20 we will be inaugurating the new location distributing Christmas food baskets to all the families of the community.  A local SDA church did a food drive and was able to accumulate 1 ton of food for the community of Giro!  Praise the Lord!

            Living by faith is a thrilling way to experience God’s promises anew everyday in our lives.  As we step out more and more, learning to depend on His provisions, our arm of faith grows stronger.  By partaking in the Gospel commission we ourselves become blessed.  By sharing Christ’s love we begin to understand it better each day.

Reflecting on Two Years

            This November was the two year mark since we first set out on this faith venture in Brazil.  We look back over the two years and are simply awed at all the wonderful things that God has done to make this project go forward.  I remember two years ago making the pact with the Lord that we would go and serve full time without a salary as long as our basic needs were provided for: food, clothing, etc.  We were willing to go back to the states and continue working from time to time to finance the work if that is what the Lord showed us to do.  In the two years since our arrival in Brazil we can look back and gratefully say that the Lord has provided for our every single NEED.  The donations that are received have not only been enough to provided for our family of four, but for three other families who have dedicated their talents to the Lord’s service, two boats in the water and a third being built, a piece of property with three homes for the volunteers, a vehicle, and operating costs to keep this all going.  PRAISE THE LORD!  As we move into more difficult times in our economy it is not time to stop giving to the Lord’s work, but actually time to give it ALL to the Lord’s work.  Let us put our money into saving souls before we loose all that God has entrusted us.  My prayer for each of us this Holiday Season is that we each learn to depend wholly on God and place all we have in His hands, to be used as He directs.  Thank you all for the part that you have played in giving to keep this work on the Amazon alive and growing.  May the souls that have been brought to Christ be accredited to each of you who sacrificially give for the Lord’s work to continue.

            God bless you each during this Christmas Holiday.

Brad Mills


  1. Boat captains: Person dedicated to the Lord’s work with experience in boat maintenance and upkeep, experience with diesel engines.  Basic medical knowledge would be a plus.  Either fluent in Portuguese to take a boat captain’s licensure test or hold a current international boat captain’s license. Vegetarian cooking experience helpful. (Brazilian citizen or married to a Brazilian in able to get visa privileges to stay in the country).
  2. Evangelism and health workers who speak Portuguese who are willing to live on a boat and travel into the interior of the jungle to teach people of Christ’s love. Vegetarian cooking experience helpful. (Brazilian citizen or married to a Brazilian in able to get visa privileges to stay in the country).

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