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July 29, 2009 at 9:43 pm

  • Inauguration and dedication of base and 2 medical missionary launches
  • First official trip on catamaran a success-20 volunteers make trip
  • Medical missionary work opens hearts and doors in Giro
  • UNASP, Brazilian Adventist University visits for mission trip
  • New DVD launched, The Luzeiro Project
  • Updates and future events 

 Inauguration and Dedication of New Luzeiro Launches

            On Sabbath, the 4th of July, we took the opportunity to celebrate God’s goodness and provisions in helping restart the Luzeiro Project.  Tears came to my eyes seeing the catamaran docked at its new home on the Amazon.  On July 4, 1931, Leo and Jessie Halliwell, American missionaries through the General Conference, inaugurated the very first medical missionary launch on the Amazon, the Luzeiro I, or Light bearer, as it was named.  Now, 78 years later, we are finally seeing the The two Luzeiro boats at the Inaugurationrebirth of this much missed program.  For several weeks before, word began spreading in Manaus that the catamaran had finally arrived.  One SDA state representative called us and wanted to interview us on his radio program that reaches the 2 million residents of Manaus and surrounding villages.  For 15 minutes each night, for one week, we spoke on the radio sharing the miracles that God has been doing to restart this program.  Each night an invitation was given for the Inauguration program.  Several hundred people showed up to join in the event of dedicating this base and two launches to the Lord’s work.  The catamaran had her new name written on the side, “Luzeiro Amazonia II, Medical Missionary Launch”.  Beside this boat was Dr. Ricardo’s boat, the Luzeiro Amazonia I, which he stepped forward in faith to purchase for God’s work.  A local pastor led out in the dedicatory prayer, crying as he mentioned the thousands along the rivers who are still living in spiritual darkness.

 Catamaran, Luzeiro Amazonia II, makes first official missionary trip

            On Sunday, the 19th of July, the Luzeiro II set out on her first official missMission Groupion to carry God’s love to the interior.  Our first trip was to Jatuarana, a trip of only 20 kilometers distance from the base going down the Amazon River.  This community has a small Adventist church which made contact with us requesting medical help.  We took a team of 20 volunteers which included several doctors, nurses, dentists, and assistants.  We also had two medical students from Loma Linda with us on the trip.  We set up shop and attended patients all day.  Health lectures were presented and fluoride treatments were also given.  Each patient seen was prayed with and given a religious tract.  We took a box of Bibles with us to distribute, yet it wasn’t enough!  As I sat consulting one lady, her teenage son burst into the room holding up a Bible and exclaiming to his mother that he had just been given his first Bible.  To see the joy in their eyes makes it all worth it.   Once the Bibles started being distributed a crowd quickly developed.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough to give one to each person or family.  Our new goal is to see that all people have their very own Bible.  How can these people learn of God’s love and learn exciting truth’s like the Seventh-day Sabbath if they don’t have a Bible to read? We would like to have Bibles for every person, as funds are available to do so. 

Medical Missionary work opens hearts in Giro

            “Brad, someone is here for a medical consult”, shouted Denise from the office down below.  This day was no different from any other.  I put on my stethoscope and stepped away from my desk to go see a patient.  Dona FraGiróncisca, a 68 year old, short and very stout lady, was waiting with a large smile on her face.  She was here for a hypertension consult.  As I counseled her on diet and exercise, we sat getting to know each other.   She told me she lived in Giro, the poorest section of our neighborhood, Puraquequara.  She explained the needy conditions there as she told me there was no medical help where she lived.  I invited her to come back anytime for medical help.

            The next day she was back, with her husband, son and daughter-in-law, all needing medical consults.  A few days later a canoe pulled up with 17 people on board, “Is the clinic open?” they asked.  On went the stethoscope! 

            As we took care of their physical needs they began to discuss the spiritual needs as well.  They invited us to come to their neighborhood and teach them stories from the Bible.   For two weeks Cleber and Denise Medeiros led out in a medical evangelistic series in Giro.  Two nurses and a physical therapist from Texas came to help with medical care, Travis, Andrea, and Maggie.  Each night started with one hour of patient care followed by a health lecture and then a Bible study.  Cleber coordinated with the local Pastor to come and speak two nights.  At the conclusion of the event 17 people asked for further Bible studies.  These people are eagerly studying at this time and have already expressed interest in starting to worship together on Sabbath morning.  They themselves are speaking with the community leaders to request a building and some land for their new church group!  Please pray for these souls in Giro.  Giro is one of Satan’s strongholds.  Most people are locked into sin and darkness.  Here there is a large incidence of childhood prostitution.  Please pray for God’s light to take hold in this area.

 Group of 10 from School of Nursing at UNASP come for mission trip

            Two weeks ago a group of 10 nursing students from our Adventist University in Sao Paulo came for a two week mission trip.  UNASPThey were joined by a theology student from the Adventist University in Argentina.  They all went out on the Luzeiro I for a two week trip doing medical missionary work on a region called Coari, going up the Rio Solimoes towards Peru.  They had a wonderful experience and returned home on Monday, with plans to return again next year. 

 New DVD released on project

            On Sunday of this week our new DVD documentary was released, The Luzeiro Project- Medical Missionary Work in the Amazon.  We have had our first 2000 DVDs made.  We will be at the ASI convention next week in Phoenix, Arizona, where we will be handing out DVDs.  If you will not be able to make it to this event and would like a DVD of this program, please write to us and send us your mailing address.  We will be distributing these at no cost as long as they last.  Our hope and prayer is that others can see God’s miracles and will take the next step in their relationship with Him.  Time is SHORT, now is the time for us to trust in God fully. 

“Oh that men would praise the LORD for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men!”   Psalms 107:8

 Future plans and updates

  • We will be at ASI August 5-8 sharing about our project.  Anyone in the Phoenix area please stop by and visit us.
  • Pastor Deovanir and Marcia Vidoto will be joining us within the next two weeks to help start the school of evangelism, training Bible workers to be placed in villages opened by the medicaHousel missionary launches.
  • We will start construction on a new wooden house here at the base within the next two weeks.  Our team is quickly outgrowing our housing.  Last week we received a call from a husband and wife who are donating money to finance the building of this new house for one of our volunteer missionary families. We found wooden “kit houses” for sale for only about $6,500 per house!  Praise the Lord.
  • A group of 8 will be coming from Romania during the month of September to do medical missionary work.

Brothers and Sisters, we ask for your continual prayer support of this program.  We believe more and more every day that Jesus is coming back soon.  We have a message to carry to the world, a warning of a soon coming Savior.  Satan is not happy with this work and we have seen first hand many ways he is trying to attack.  Please pray for us each day, for God’s wisdom, for God’s blessing, and for the people who we are trying to minister to. 

 In His service,

 Bradley Mills

Program Director

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