Longing for Heaven

June 28, 2009 at 5:07 pm

Amazon Sunset        

       The sun sets over the horizon casting a beautiful
golden hue over the Amazon.  Here we sit, anchored down in still
waters about 300 feet off shore.  We are apparently over a shelf, for
the depth gauges show we are only in 30 feet of water.  We sit on the
back of the boat, enjoying the dawning of a new Sabbath.  Levi sits,
thrilled each time one of the pink dolphins leaps out of the water,
putting on our personal show.  We aren’t the only ones that think this
is a good place to spend the night, for teams of dolphins keep
bursting through the surface to greet us.  Off in the distance we can
hear a squirrel monkey chattering and calling out to us.  Tropical
birds fly overhead from time to time, parrots, macaws, toucans, and
others.  You could almost imagine we are in a small piece of heaven.
       However the reality of sin and death is everywhere as well.  The
Amazon River is in the highest flood stage right now, reaching a
height that surpasses any on record. Day after day we pass small
wooden houses completely underwater.  People by the thousands, whole
villages and towns, are under water.  With no where to go and no money
to go on, they stay in their houses as long as possible.  There is a
small wooden school house on the banks of the river with dozens of
hammocks suspended above the water, people sitting in them all.  There
is a house with water half way up to the roof.  And there is a lady
that walks to her front door to wave at us as we slowly motor by,
water coming half way up to her knee.  To our right sit two horses on
a five by five foot floating platform, any wrong step landing them
swimming in the river.  Here they will remain for months, until the
river goes down.  What to do with so much need.  Where to start?  And
don’t forget a few days ago when we slowly motored through a small
canal connecting two larger rivers- the river people poured out in
their wooden carved canoes to pull up along side of our boat asking
for food, a true scarcity in this area.
       As we started Sabbath last night tears came to our eyes as we sang
hymns of God’s provisions and watch care.  We have no idea how so many
people suffer around the globe as we sit comfortably on our
overstuffed couches worrying about which shoes to wear with our
clothes.  We are reminded tonight of God’s blessing: we have food, a
nice boat, clean water, a toilet, and.. health and family.  We are
reminded how precious is the life God has given us as we read the
email that just came through to us— Gary and Wendy Roberts,
wonderful friends of ours and fellow missionaries in Africa just lost
their son Caleb a couple of days ago.  He died in their hands as they
tried to resuscitate him in the small Adventist Hospital in Chad,
Africa.  Dr. Appel, his wife, and Gary and Wendy doing a 45 minute
resuscitation only to loose their precious 4 year old son.  The
dreaded malaria with its toxic effects to the liver finally won the
battle. Please please keep them in your prayers right now.
       Brothers and sisters we are in a war.  We are in the middle of
Satan’s battle field.  If he can only but keep us comfortable and
asleep but a little while longer he will have won over so many souls.
Please awake.  Please let us stir from our slumber and join together
to fight this fight against evil.  With God’s help we will bring but a
few more lost sheep back into the pin before the day ends.
       Please pray for Gary and Wendy and their little daughter Cherise.
Please pray for our safety as we continue to motor upstream towards

 Brad Mills

Program Director

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