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March 25, 2009 at 9:08 pm


    Quick Update 

    • Southern Adventist University completes successful mission trip on the Andira river
    • New family joins us as primary base operators
    • The mission plane that disappeared has not yet been found


    Full Story

    Southern’s Mission Trip

               The village of Ponta Alegre received us warmly and welcomed us into their home to spend five days doing medical work, kids programs, and evangelism. Southern broughSouthern Groupt a group of 16 people. We were also joined by a doctor and her friend from Australia, and many local Brazilians.

                 Sunday morning we set up shop and immediately went to work.  Each day was very similar.  During the morning we ran two programs simultaneously: the medical clinic and Bible stories for the kids of the village.  During the evening we had an evangelistic series starting with songs, a puppet show, a health talk, and then a sermon.  To our delight, the first night we had 112 people at the program.  The local village told us that there were only 47 SDA members in that village, and at our meetings we had people from every church in town.  We were so thrilled to be able to present to them the living Word of God.  We covered the following topics: creation, the fall, the state of the dead, who is Jesus, Heaven, and the second coming.  The final night we had over 200 people present at our meeting. 

                In that village we saw first hand a HUGE need for spiritual food.  People came to us during the day and night asking us for Bibles and spiritual reading materials.  During the evening programs only one person had a Bible to bring!  During one evening program we invited the people to take a stand if they wanted to accept Jesus as their personal Savior, and almost every person stood!   We praise God for His blessing and leading in the work that was done in this small remote location of the world.

                The last evening the Tuchaua (the Indian chief), the city councilman from town, and the village captain invited me to a meeting.  At this meeting they told me that they had discussed me and our group with the government organizations that control work in the jungle, and with the chief over all Indian chiefs for the Andira River (the area where we worked).  They said they would like to extend a formal invitation for us to return and enter further into their indigenous lands and do medical evangelism!   We praise God for the open door to continue reaching the lost along the Andira River!

     New Base Operators

              A new family has joined the Brazil Medical Launch program. Cleber and Denise are Brazilians who lived for many years in the United States. Cleber has many years of experience in working with land, and despite being here only a short time, has already started a garden for our personal needs and planted hundreds of fruit trees.  Denise is extremely talented with children programs. She accompanied Southern’s trip and was in charge of all the kids programs. They have two children: Kathleen (10) and Kevin (9).

    Mission Plane 

                Search continues for the missing mission plane in Venezuela. Nothing has yet been found. We covet your continued prayers, especially for the families of those who were in the plane, and for the villagers who are in daily need of this aviation program. We pray that God will continue to work in a mighty way in these last days of earth’s history.


    Brad Mills

    Program Director


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