God Grows Money

December 5, 2008 at 1:42 pm

Quick Update:

  1. Two new families join us
  2. Brad obtained his Brazilian boat license
  3. We bought a second boat



Dear Friends and Family,

            What a full and exciting month November was for the Brazil Medical Launch, Luzeiro Program!  “Through the Lord’s mercy we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not, they are new every morning, great is Thy faithfulness.  The Lord is my portion, says my soul, therefore I trust in Him.”   Lamentations 3:22-24.  Truly we have been so blessed to see the Lord’s mercy anew every morning.

            As we shared in the last email, God, in His divine timing, provided for a piece of property to serve as a base for the launch program.  Lina and I, already having plans to come back to the USA for the month of December to visit family and then bring the boat back in January, began praying to the Lord that He would quickly provide workers to come and join us in Brazil.  We begin asking the Lord for a family that could come and help with evangelism and take care of the base.  I remembered a Brazilian family that had emailed me about 6 months ago looking for a place to serve the Lord.  I began looking for their email, but couldn’t find it.  I prayed to the Lord that if it was His will they would enter into contact with us again so that we could talk.  The next day they called!  They were again feeling impressed that God was calling them to serve as full time missionaries in His work.  After we all prayed together and talked, the next day they agreed to move to Manaus and join us in the program.  One week later we welcomed our new family of volunteer missionaries!  Sebastiao and Cristiane, married and came to know the Lord five years ago while they were living in Florida.  Their three kids quickly accepted the new message as well.  Brazilians, by birth, the couple began feeling God’s calling to return to Brazil to help prepare their own people for God’s soon return.  After much praying they decided to move back around their own families first, to share with them the Gospel message that they had come to believe in.  After spending about 2 months with their families, they have now joined us in Manaus to help start evangelism in the small village where are new base is.  Please visit our website to see a picture of this family.

            Also this month I received my official license as a certified boat captain in Brazil.  The last Thursday of October I took the exam.  It was a very difficult exam, due to it being in Portuguese and so many technical nautical words.  I studied for many months and then gave it to the Lord.  When the results came out I was shocked to see that 49% of those who took the test failed!  I, the only foreigner taking the test, received the second highest grade on the test!  Praise God for His mercy! 

            On November 14 and 15 we had a second annual Conference of Volunteers, for local Brazilians who want to help in the Luzeiro program in some way.  David Gates was the weekend speaker for the series.  We were able to share with over 300 local Adventists the beautiful provisions of our God in providing the land for this program.  Our new volunteer family was presented as well.  At this meeting we also were able to meet our next volunteer family!  Pastor Deovanir Vidoto and his wife Marcia.  Pastor Deovanir graduated from theology from our Adventist University in Sao Paulo many years ago.  He worked at the university for nearly 15 years.  His wife also studied and graduated with a degree in education.  For the last 13 years they have been serving the Brazilian population in Massachusetts, where Marcia obtained her master’s degree in education.  They discovered the Brazil Medical Launch program on the internet and become immediately interested in helping out.  Pastor Deovanir flew down for the volunteer conference and there shared the decision him and his wife have taken, to sell their home and move to Manaus to help us in this project.  We are thrilled to know that God is sending us a Brazilian pastor who can come and help in the school of evangelism that we are planning on starting.  They will plan on joining us in June or July of 2009.

            The last two weeks of the month were a blur.  Lina, Levi and Lucas flew home with David Gates in the ministry’s plane.  I stayed for two extra weeks to finish some legal paperwork we are working on.  On Thursday, a week and a half ago, I got a call that there was a boat for sale, a very nice boat.  We immediately went to check it out and discovered a well done aluminum boat, of about 36 feet in length, nearly completed, already with a 114 HP motor in it.  The local Adventist Conference Office had started the boat nearly 12 years ago when the Luzeiro program was still functioning, but had never ended up finishing the boat.  For 12 years it set.  Then we got the call the builder wanted to get it off his land and get it finished.  The church said we could take it if we were willing to finish it.  After meeting with the boat builder we discovered that for nearly $ 40,000 USD we could have the boat completely ready to enter the water, a boat that when finished will be worth nearly $150,000 USD!   We praised God and immediately agreed to move forward.  One small detail, the builder wanted about $7,000 USD down.  I didn’t have the money.  We immediately got on our knees and prayed.  I knew that this was already God’s boat and nothing would honor Him more than to see it working for His service.  With complete confidence in His provisions I prayed for Him to provide the needed money.

            For nearly two weeks now I have been going to the bank on a daily basis trying to get the money cleared for the first payment of the land.  As I mentioned in last month’s letter, we received a donation for the $92,000 USD needed to make the first payment on the land.  GMI had wired the money right away, but the bank did not want to deposit it into my account.  Each day I went and did more paperwork, signed more documents, talked to more bank employees, and said more prayers to God.  I knew that God knew the need to pay for His land.  After two weeks, the bank finally deposited the money.  However, during this two weeks the value of the dollar grew steadily each day.  When the bank finally deposited the money the value was exactly $7,000 USD more than what we expected it to be—— exactly the amount needed to make the down payment on the boat!!!   Does money grow on trees?  NO!  But our God can grow money out of nothing!

            Once again we are amazed to see the length that God goes to get the work done.  We are convicted that time is short.  God wants us to get busy working for Him.  Just like the feeding of the five thousand on the hillside, God is asking us to do the impossible, not in our power, but in His!  Please, step out in faith and work for the Lord.  Let us work for God while there is still time, so that when Jesus returns we can here those wonderful words “well done my good and faithful servant, enter into the things prepared for you.” 

            Please continue to pray for our program.  Please pray specifically for:

  1. The last deposit needed to pay for the land, due on December 15
  2. The money needed to finish the boat we just purchased
  3. The final clearance to bring the donated catamaran from the Caribbean to start work on the river
  4. Daily wisdom for us to always make decisions that bring honor and glory to God’s name
  5. Blessings and wisdom for the new family that just joined us

God Bless,
Brad, Lina, and Levi  and Lucas Mills



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