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November 1, 2008 at 5:46 pm

Dear friends and family, 

            We are writing this letter out of the routine schedule of emails to let you know the AMAZING PROVISIONS of our God.  We serve a wonderful God who has given us promises in His word and wants us to faithfully move forward claiming His promises.  Please read the following and may all Praise and Glory go to our God who is faithful.

            Since our arrival in Brazil we have been on the outlook for land on the river to serve as a base for our medical launch program.  We have spent some time looking, driving all over the land that was on the river to find a suitable piece of property.  Having launches and futures seaplanes, we needed a piece of land that could be easily accessed by road and was water front property to allow the boats and planes to be docked there.  Our search never came up to anything worth while.  We finally gave up the active search and decided we didn’t have time currently to continue looking.  But we continued praying daily for God to open the door and make the right piece of land available.

            Two weeks ago I was driving out to a small town about 45 minutes outside of Manaus to have a meeting with a mission aviation program affiliated with the Assembly of God church.  They have a beautiful program of mission pilots and mechanics and have a small fleet of aircraft that they use.  We discussed our plans to start a boat based ministry with seaplanes to provide support for the boats that were far away from civilization.  Upon leaving the meeting I commented to the pastor who was with me how the land was so beautiful and how we needed a piece just like this to start our base.  He quickly led my attention to the for sale sign on the large piece of property immediately adjacent to this one.  With no time left in the schedule to look, we wrote down the number and decided to call and see it later.

            Two days later I found myself back out at the property with a very dear friend of ours who went to help me evaluate the property.  The property is located on a lake called Lake Puraquequara which has two large openings directly connecting to the Amazon River.  Being on a lake is very advantageous, providing shelter from the river’s currents and floating trees and debris.  The land is almost 7 acres in size and is nicely dotted with fruit trees and even a Brazil nut tree.  The land is already completely cleared of jungle and has a simple house built on it. 

            We were immediately excited about the land, feeling quite certain that this land was exactly what we needed for a base.  The Lord graciously showed us several more clear signs that we asked of Him, giving us certainty that this was it. (There is not sufficient space in this email to share them all, though we would love to share them in person).  The price: $450,000 reais, or about $208,000 dollars.  Of course, we didn’t have any of this.  We begin praying about the land and immediately called GMI’s board to discuss this new possibility with them.  Lina and I felt total assurance that this was the right piece of property to serve as a base for God’s work, it was just a matter of Him providing the money.  GMI’s board, led by Pastor David Gates, agreed with us that this was a divine opportunity that we could not miss.  We all prayed about it and decided to move forward. 

            The seller and I had several long discussions and I explained to him exactly how we operate.  I shared with him the miraculous provisions of God in giving our program a boat and paying off our school loans to immediately come down to Brazil.  I then explained to him that we had no money at this time to pay but we felt that this was God’s land and that He could provide!  After praying together he stated he wanted us to have the land and would move forward by faith that God would provide.

            The date was set: Friday, October 31 to pay the first down payment of approximately $23,000 dollars.  As I discussed the need for the first down payment with David we continued to pray and seek God’s clear guidance.  We begged the Lord to close the doors if this was not clearly His will.  We then read a parable that Jesus shared in Luke 11.  Jesus was telling the story of a man who wanted to borrow three loaves from a friend, but the friend didn’t want to get up out of bed and give it to him.  Then Jesus states “yet because of his persistence he will rise and give him as many as he needs.  So I say to you, ask and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you” Luke 11:8, 9.  So we begin to persistently ask the Lord to make His will clear, to shut the doors, if it was not His will, or to provide the money if it was His will.  We prayed every hour on the hour, asking for God’s leading. 

            Last week we received an email from David Gates.  A man in Australia had heard of the immediate need for the land down payment.  After praying with his wife, they decided to donate the down payment.  Elated, we were more convinced then ever that God was leading us down the right path.

            This morning I woke up early to go to the closing on the property.  Feelings tore threw me: This was my last chance to stop, would God provide the $185,000 dollars more.  My wife and I again read some promises from the Lord and decided to move forward.  This morning we signed the closing papers on GOD’S new piece of property on Lake Puraquequara.  We gave the man the downpayment required and signed a contract that we would pay $92,500 in two weeks and then the remaining $92,500 dollars on December 17.  Joy filled my heart to know that God’s program was quickly moving forward.  The thoughts of how many people were going to be able to know the Lord as a result of this program filled me with assurance that God was indeed leading. 

            Driving home today after signing the papers I just continued to praise the Lord for His guiding.  I begin to think wow, God has only 2 weeks to pay!  I hope he remembers that and pays His bills on time! 

            Arriving home I shared the final details with my wife and together we continued to thank the Lord for His provisions.  Upon opening my email I quickly saw an email with the subject: Donation.  It was sent from a husband and wife in Massachusetts who are Brazilian Americans.  They had made contact with us a few days ago stating that they had read our website, listened to David Gates’ sermons, and wanted to put their all in God’s work.  In their last email to us they asked us how much money we currently needed for our program in Brazil.  Yesterday I sent them a response email, sharing the story of the land that we would be soon acquiring.  The email today stated that they would be immediately transferring the first installment of $92,500 dollars (equivalent in reais) into our account to make the next payment due in two weeks.

            Praise the Lord oh my soul, and all that is within me praise His holy name!  We want this story to do nothing more than bring total glory to God’s name.  Jesus is SOON returning and He wants nothing more than a people that are ready to meet Him.  He wants us to live by faith NOW.  He wants us to put our full trust in Him NOW.  He wants our ALL. 

            The donation email was sent last night, but I didn’t see it until after I had signed in faith today.  God wants us to step forward in faith to serve Him and He will provide.  Please join us in praising God’s name for what He has done today.  Please join us in persistent prayer to ask God to faithfully provide the rest of the money due.  Please join us in praying to God to take full control of our lives and helping us increase our faith!  May God be glorified.

God Bless,
Brad, Lina, and Levi  and Lucas Mills


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