Meet Pastor Ronaldo

October 23, 2008 at 10:31 pm

            Pastor Ronaldo and his wife Ana Paula grew up with the desire to serve the Lord.  They both grew up in Santa Catarina, a state in South Brazil.  After meeting at an Adventist Camporee as teenagers, their relationship began.  They were married in 2002 and headed to the Adventist University in São Paulo to obtain preparation for the Lord’s work.  In 2007 they both graduated, Ronaldo from theology and Ana Paula from education.  Excited to see where their “calling” would take them, they began to discuss how life would be as a new pastor and teacher.   Ana Paula was certain they would receive a calling close to home and friends and family, where they could happily live and serve the Lord.

            When Pastor Ronaldo came home with the news that they had received a call to go to Manaus, Amazonas, a large city tucked away in the humid Amazon Basin, Ana Paula only cried.  Never had she dreamed of leaving her life, friends and family behind.  Never had she dreamed of leaving the cool beautiful climate of South Brazil to go to the Amazon.  After much prayer, they decided to follow the Lord’s leading.

            Upon arriving to Manaus in January of 2008 they met the new challenges that awaited them.  Pastor Ronaldo, a brand new pastor, was given his new district which was to include the poorest area on the extreme east edge of Manaus, in an area known as the invasion zone.  This area is where people have recently cut down the jungle to establish crude, makeshift homes to try their lives in the big city.  This area is where tropical diseases reign as man confronts nature: malaria, dengue, leshmaniasis, leprosy, and much more.  The new and eager Pastor Ronaldo was given 11 churches that he was to pastor! 

            Often young Pastor Ronaldo would drive through an extremely poor neighborhood called Nova Vitoria on his way to one of his 11 churches.  He dreamed of having a new church in this area, where few to no Adventists lived.  Soon the Lord gave him an opportunity to step out in faith.  He heard of an old store that was for sale right in the middle of the neighborhood.  After checking out the place, he found it very suitable to start a small church.  The asking price: $20,000 reals, roughly $10,000 dollars.  With no money in hand he began to pray.  Pastor Ronaldo had recently heard a sermon by Pastor David Gates called Extreme Faith, encouraging others to step out in faith for the Lord.  After much prayer Pastor Ronaldo decided the Lord was calling him to do this.  He discussed the issue with the conference office, who was able to give him $5,000 reals.  He called up the seller and explained that he wanted to buy the building to start an Adventist Church, but he only had $5,000 to pay currently.  The seller, an Adventist himself, was thrilled to hear and said he would take that as a down payment, trusting in the Lord to provide the rest.

            Pastor Ronaldo continued to pray and seek the Lord to provide the money to pay for the church.  Slowly others contributed until he was able to pay $8,000 total to the seller.  At this point Pastor Ronaldo contacted us and told us about the church and that he was starting an evangelistic series there to reach the people in that neighborhood.  He asked if we would be able to put together a small group to come and do medical clinics, dental workshops, and health lectures one day to help open up the receptivity of the people there to the series.  We quickly agreed and two weeks ago found ourselves busily running a makeshift clinic under a small covering behind the church.  The people were so excited to get medical care.  Children poured in for checkups, de-worming, fluoride treatments, and more.  Adults came with complaints of aches and pains, medical questions, and some even with old labs they wanted explained.  The clinic was a huge success and the people were invited to the series that the Pastor was holding. 

            The evangelistic series is still under way with some 40- 50 people in attendance, taking the hope of eternal life to these poor souls who are starving for love.  Please pray for God’s spirit to be poured out on that small church.  This last week the seller contacted Pastor Ronaldo and stated that he had been impressed to drop the price from $20,000 to just $9,500 reals!!! That meant he only owed $1,500 more reals to pay the church off.  Excitedly he shared the story with us and invited us to join him in pray to seek the Lord’s provisions.  Unknowingly to him, last month the Brazil Medical Launch program had received enough donations for the monthly operations AND enough to help pay the rest of the church.  With tears in his eyes, he accepted the money and thankfully paid off the rest of the church’s debt.  Thanks to you, God now has another church sharing a last day message of hope with a dying world!


­Boat import

  Please continue to keep the boat import process in your prayers.  Last month we received an overwhelming amount of responses from people all over the world, stating that they are making the boat import a matter of prayer.  We were put in contact with a new attorney who specializes in this type of work.  He has advised us of another possible avenue of import that will enable the boat to come in with a fraction of the cost.  We are unsure of the end results yet, only praying and seeking the Lord.  Please continue to join us in prayer, and thank you so much for your current prayer support. 


Visit to the USA

  We are planning a trip home in late November to visit friends and family.  Our family members are extremely eager to meet our newest edition, little Lucas.  David Gates, GMI’s president, will be here in Manaus in November for a large conference that we will be having.  We will be able to take advantage of a free flight home in GMI’s twin commanche, only a several day trip in that size aircraft!!   I will be able to pick up a few shifts in the ER while we are there to help pay for living expenses in the USA.  God willing and His providence leading, we would like to make the trip back to Brazil in our boat.  Please pray that the import will be complete by this time.

God Bless,
Brad, Lina, and Levi  and Lucas Mills


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