August Updates

August 14, 2008 at 7:56 pm

Quick Updates

  • Malaria course finished, new course on tropical medicine
  • More visitors from the USA
  • Updates on boat import progress
  • Trip to Lago de Coari
  • Project receives new vehicle

Finished malaria course!
            Two emails ago I told you about the malaria course that I was taking.  I took the test several weeks ago now and with God’s help, I passed!  It was one of the hardest tests I have ever taken.  It was 8 hours of looking at slides under the microscope giving the diagnosis of negative, positive: and if positive, which species of plasmodium, including parasite load.  Also I had to diagnose microfilariasis on the test.  If you make one mistake you fail and have to do the test over!  Praise the Lord He helped me to pass.  I am now a certified malaria technician in Brasil! 
            I am currently taking a two week intensive course on Tropical Diseases endemic to the Amazon region.  It is a very good class, with lectures from specialists in their fields.  Each day we also spend clinical time with hands on patient care, seeing the very diseases that we are discussing in class.  I have been able to see patients with leishmaniasis, typhoid fever, leprosy, neurotoxoplasmosis, mengicoccal meningitis, AIDS patients with several opportunitistic infections, and much more.  It has been a real learning opportunity for me!  I praise the Lord for giving me this opportunity to learn more of these diseases so that I can provide better care for the needy people out on the rivers and in the jungle.
More American visitors
            We were happy to welcome Mark and Pat Gilbert on July 11.  Mark is an emergency room physician at Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga, TN and his wife Pat is a registered nurse and dietician.  They came to spend 5 weeks with us here to get to know the program and help provide medical work on the rivers.  It has been fun having a full house again for several weeks.  Mark is also taking the tropical medicine course with me.
Boat import updates
            We have successfully finished one step more towards getting the boat imported.  We are currently working with an attorney who specializes in imports and he thinks that we should be able to bring the boat in the country by the end of the year!  Please keep this in your prayers.  We are asking the Lord’s timing to be worked out and we are getting very excited that the boat will be here soon!
Trip to Lago de Coari
            Last week we took a 5 day trip up the Rio Solimoes to a lake called Lago de Coari to provide medical care to a very needy population.  We joined up with several Brazilian locals and spent several days doing medical clinics, vaccinations, and malaria testing.  On Sabbath we went to a small village called Ariri which has a SDA church.  We joined the local villagers and had a wonderful church service there in the middle of the jungle.  For Sabbath School the leader got up front and told how a place far away called North America needs to put up more radio towers to be able to transmit a message of truth to others who don’t know Jesus yet.  The leader asked the members of the church to sacrificially give so that they could help others learn more of Jesus in that place.  The fact that these poor natives in the middle of the jungle are giving their offerings to help transmit the message of Jesus to our rich country struck me so hard.  Do we truly know what sacrificial giving is?  Do we truly consecrate ourselves, our time, and our possessions to God every day and tell Him to do as He pleases with us.  Do we sacrificially do without so that others can know of Jesus, or do we give out of excess?  I pray that each of us can daily learn to grow closer to Christ and be lead by Him.


            This week the Brazil Medical Launch program received its first new vehicle, a 2008 Volkswagen Kombi!  Through some gracious donors, sufficient money was provided to buy a brand new 9 passenger vehicle to help us get around.  The vehicle will serve for transport of people and supplies to help us start this new program.  Praise the Lord for His wonderful provisions.

God Bless,
Brad, Lina, and Levi Mills

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