Crocodile Village

July 7, 2008 at 1:44 am

“Elisandro and Adanival, please find Dr. Ricardo at the hospital in Coari as soon as possible” was the message carried by the radio waves to the small village of Jacare.  At least one person among the 100 something inhabitants of Jacare, meaning crocodile in Portuguese, heard the message that day, because two days later Adanival and his son Elisandro showed up at the small hospital in Coari.  This was to be a big day for seven year old Elisandro, who came limping into town on his one leg and one crutch.  Today he was going to head to the city!

About 3 weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet Elisandro in Crocodile Village.  On our week trip up the Amazon River his village was one of the several where we stopped to hold medical clinics.  Elisandro came that day to the clinic to be seen for a stomachache.  After chatting about his stomachache a bit and assessing his stomach, the conversation moved to his leg.  Elisandro told me that one year prior he had been bit on the leg by a poisonous snake.  It took 3 days for his family to be able to reach the closest town for help, by that time his leg was necrotic and beyond help.  The small hospital then sent Elisandro to a hospital in Manaus where he had his leg amputated.  After the wound healed, he was sent back to his village.

Dr. Ricardo, president of ASVAM Projeto Luzeiro, and I discussed the boy and what we could do for him.  Several days later, after we returned to civilization Dr. Ricardo began calling to see what could be arranged.  He found an accepting organization in Sao Paolo that would receive Elisandro and his dad at the hospital, put them up in a hotel, and get him seen by a physician to get fitted for a prosthetic leg!  Our job was to get them from Crocodile Village to Sao Paolo!

First Elisandro and his father made the one and a half day trip from their village to Manaus, where we picked them up at the port.  They then came and spent one day at our house where they were prepped for life in a big city.  Lina gave them both haircuts.  Elisandro had a fun time playing with Levi, seeing his colorful cars and trains.  Levi was very happy to share one of his matchbox cars with Elisandro to take with him.  The next day we took them to the airport where they were thoroughly prepped on what to do in the airport, how to get luggage, how to act in a plane, etc.  This was their first time to be on a commercial flight.   Imagine going from a jungle village to Sao Paolo, one of the largest cities in the world.

            About one week later we picked them back up at the airport.  They survived the trip and were full of smiles to tell us all about the sights of the city.  Upon asking them if they would like to live in a big city, they both quickly shook their heads no and said they couldn’t wait to get back to the jungle!

            Elisandro was seen by a group of specialists and measurements were taken to fit him for an adjustable prosthetic leg.  His leg will be made in the USA and shipped to Brasil, where it will make its way all the way to his little village where he awaits it.

            This experience was only one of the many that we hope to partake in as this program grows.  Contacts were made and relationships developed that will lead to Bible studies and hopefully sharing Christ with others.  Jesus bids us to put love into action by taking care of the sick, poor, orphans, and widows.  Many of you had a part in this story by your donations that made it possible to help Elisandro and his dad travel from place to place.  Please keep them in your prayers as we continue to keep contact with them and their village, to bring the message of Christ’s love to their hearts.

God Bless,

Brad, Lina and Levi Mills


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