A Patient Saved and a Church Converted

June 21, 2008 at 2:17 pm

Quick Updates:

  • One week trip on the Amazon
  • God’s perfect timing- Story
  • Whole church turns to God-Story
  • First Visitors from the USA arrive
  • Malaria training begins
  • Our New Contact Information
  • Christ’s return ever before us

Trip on the Amazon

            Last week I had the opportunity to take a week trip out on the Amazon River.  I helped coordinate and plan a medical mission trip for a group of 10 health care professionals from the United States with an organization called Flying Doctors of America.  We traveled over 48 hours in a rented boat up the Rio Solimoes to reach several villages where medical care was obsolete.  Each day we set up medical and dentals clinics and saw as many patients as we could.  Having a local malaria lab technician along with us proved to be very beneficial as we diagnosed multiple cases of malaria in several villages.  Truly, the villagers were so grateful for the medical attention. 

God’s perfect timing

            The second day of clinics we had planned to attend two small communities on the river, one in the morning and a second in the afternoon.  After seeing patients for several hours in the morning, we packed up our boats and headed upstream to reach the other village by the time we would be done with lunch.  As we sat relaxing in the boat, a small dugout canoe with an outboard engine pulled up beside our large boat flagging us down.  The man quickly explained that there was a young pregnant lady with heavy vaginal bleeding in his village.  She had been bleeding for two days without stop and needed help.  We loaded up our small spare boat that we were dragging along with medical supplies and I with two other physicians went along to see the patient. 

            Upon arriving to the village we were ushered into a small wood house immediately beside a rustic old church marked Seventh-day Adventist Church!  There was a 19 year old girl lying on the floor with only a small rag covering her body.  She had tears trickling down her cheeks as she lay bleeding in pain on the floor.  After a quick exam we realized she needed IV fluids and further monitoring.   She was unfortunately loosing her baby.  We decided we should take her back to our boat where we could monitor her condition as she received IV fluids.  We loaded her up in a hammock and carried her out to the small dinghy to make the trip back to our boat.  I spoke with the family for a moment as we were leaving.  I asked if there were Adventists in the village.  They quickly said yes, in fact they were Seventh-day Adventist.  I informed them that we were Adventist as well!  Their faces lit up with the largest smiles ever.  We all realized that God’s divine timing had been accomplished, sending medical care in the exact time it was needed.  We were able to have a prayer with the patient and encourage her in her sorrows.  (Later we transported her on to a hospital a couple hours up stream because her bleeding continued.  She later improved there with more medical care.)

Whole Church Converts

            One of the villages we visited during this week is called Amazonas Mendes.  It is a very small village of about 150 people.  This particular village is an example of how medical care opens the door to sharing Christ.  Our organization took a group of medical professionals to this village in February of this year.  After doing medical work there for several days, the villagers expressed an interest in receiving Bible studies.  The village at that time had two small churches, a SDA church of 5 members and an Assembly of God church with 33 members.  Bible studies began in the village with all who were interested.  A small evangelistic series was held for the village.  All the members of both churches began attending with many other villagers as well.  At the end of the series people were called to accept Christ as their personal Savior and to uphold the true commandments that He has instructed.  People began to take their stand for truth.  People were so moved upon learning of the sacredness of the seventh day Sabbath as taught by the Bible that they wanted to be baptized.  The WHOLE Assembly of God church, including the pastor, took a stand to be baptized again and uphold God’s beautiful law as outlined in His word.  The Assembly of God pastor then stood up and handed the keys to the church to the evangelistic series leaders and asked them to continue running services for their village so that all could learn Bible truth!

Visitors from the USA

            We have received our first visitors.  Rick and Jen Christman arrived last week and they will be staying with us for two months.  They both graduated from Southern Adventist University with a degree in Theology.  Rick is currently doing his master’s degree in Public Health and Jen is doing her master’s degree in Education.  They are here for Rick’s summer practicum for public health, and to see how they can help further develop our new program. 

Malaria class under way

            I have received the opportunity to take a class at the Tropical Medicine Hospital here in Manaus on malaria.  The course is a two month course which will train me to diagnose malaria under a microscope, identify the species of plasmodium, the stage of the parasite, and the parasite load present. The course is very in-depth and upon finishing it I will receive a Federal Certification as a Laboratory Technician for Malaria in Brasil!   This will then enable me to obtain all equipment and medicines to diagnose and treat malaria on the rivers from the government!  Rick Christman is taking the class with me. Please pray for us that God will bless our learning ability as we take this course.

New Contact Information

            We now have some good contact information to share with those of you who were asking.   

Cell phone in Brasil  55-92-8181-3345

We have a local TN number that will call our computer- 615-278-9543

Christ’s Return is Imminent

            As we see all that God is doing to make this program a reality we are so humbled and thrilled to be allowed to work for Him.  We feel God is quickly putting the pieces together for this program because indeed, He is planning on coming back soon.  Ellen White has some beautiful insight on how we should be living, found in Last Day Events page 41,42.

            “We must educate ourselves to be thinking and dwelling upon the great scenes of the judgment just before us and then, as we keep the scenes of the great day of God before us when everything will be revealed, it will have an effect upon our character. One brother said to me, “Sister White, do you think the Lord will come in ten years?”   “What difference does it make to you whether He shall come in two, four, or ten years?”   “Why,” said he, “I think I would do differently in some things than I now do if I knew the Lord was to come in ten years.”

            “What would you do?” said I.

            “Why,” said he, “ I would sell my property and begin to search the Word of God and try to warn the people and get them to prepare for His coming, and I would plead with God that I might be ready to meet Him.”

            “The said I, “If you knew that the Lord was not coming for twenty years, you would live differently?”

            “Said he, I think I would.”…….

            “How selfish was the expression that he would live a different life if he knew his Lord was to come in ten years! Why, Enoch walked with God 300 years. This is a lesson for us that we shall walk with God every day, and we are not safe unless we are waiting and watching.”

Please keep us in your prayers as we move forward in God’s service,

Brad, Lina and Levi Mills

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