April Update

April 18, 2008 at 2:15 pm

Hi Everyone,

            Just a quick note to let you know of our whereabouts.  On Friday, April 11 we arrived back in the USA.  David Gates, GMI president, was stopping in Grenada for some business meetings with the local conference, and was able to fly us back to finish our visa application process in Miami.   God’s timing is never more perfect.  We were able to get free flights back to the USA 3 days before the paperwork for title and documentation of our boat was provided to us from the donor in California!  Also, this very week the rest of the paperwork that the Brazilian embassy in Miami requires is arriving to us in the mail from Brazil.  We will be in TN for about 3 weeks.  The beginning of May we will head down to Miami to apply for our visas, and then we fly out for Brazil on May 7!

            The boat has been securely left in a quite lagoon in Grenada, being watched by a company that does boat guardian services.  They will access the boat several times per month to air it out, check batteries, turn on the engines, and check the bilges for water.  We prayed so earnestly for weeks about where to leave the boat and finally made a decision to leave it with this specific company, though we knew nothing about them.  We asked the Lord to close the door if it were a wrong decision or give us peace to move forward.  The day we got up to move the boat a British man living in Grenada with his yacht called me to tell me of the dangerous places in the water so I could avoid them on my trip.  He then mentioned the company that we had chosen to go with, and recommended us giving them a call.  He said the company had been there a long time and was well known in the area.  That gave us the exact peace we needed to continue moving forward!

            We can’t wait to share stories from the Amazon soon.  We are getting more and more excited to know that we are getting closer to making this dream a reality.  Please keep us in your prayers as we head back to Brazil to arrange and complete the paperwork to import our boat. 

God Bless,

Brad, Lina and Levi Mills

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