On the Boat

January 30, 2008 at 1:37 pm

Quick Update:

We are currently in Grenada preparing the boat for life on the Amazon.


 Dear Friends and Family,

            We look back over how quickly time has flown by since we last wrote, nearly a month and a half ago!  At that time we had just arrived in the USA again from Brazil, with plans to stay for several weeks to get our visas worked out to return to Brazil.  Since then, once again, many things have happened and we have seen the Lord leading us step by step.  We are currently writing this letter floating on the catamaran in a lagoon off of Grenada, in the Caribbean Ocean.  We are here equipping the boat for the trip back down to the Amazon.

            Upon returning to the USA, as we mentioned, God so graciously provided Brad full time employment back in the ER as a FNP for 6 weeks.  During this time we anxiously awaited the needed final documents to arrive from the organization in Brazil that is helping work out our visas.  We communicated with them often to work out all the last details.  Then nearly 3 weeks ago we found out that the very last document was going to take 3 more months to process.  We quickly called the Brazilian Embassy in Miami, the place that will process our visas, and discussed the situation and asked for special permission to apply with ALL the required documents minus one, which we would mail to them as soon as it was completed.  They said NO!  This meant that we couldn’t apply for our visas for nearly 3 more months, and we have to apply in person.  We didn’t want to fly back to Brazil for that short of a time, only to return to apply AGAIN. 

            We began praying, asking the Lord what His will was in all this.  Then we received a call from the boat donor, who was sitting on the catamaran in Grenada, waiting for our clearance to make the trip the rest of the way to Brazil.  He called and stated he was going to have to leave for the Philippines for a short trip and couldn’t return to the boat for a couple of weeks to months.  We began to beg the Lord to make His will known to us.  It became exceedingly clear that we should head down to Grenada and start outfitting the boat for the Amazon, something we had to do before it entered Brazil anyway.

            So that is where we find ourselves now.  We are so amazed to finally be living on this boat and see what an AWESOME MIRACLE the Lord performed in providing this boat for His work on the Amazon.  We have a lot of work to do on it now, including: water maker modifications to ready it for Amazon water, outboard motor repairs for the dingy, construction in the hulls to equip it for housing, screening to protect against malaria, and much more.  John and Sue Bartels, the mission family living in Grenada starting a Caribbean Christian Television network, have been helping us incredibly.  John has been spending long days on the boat with Brad helping rebuild carburetors, rewire electrical stuff, repair water pumps, etc.  John is an electrical engineer.  Sue has been helping load us around the Island to get food, water, and living necessities.  The Lord has truly blessed us in having them here to guide us.

            Our vision to see THIS BOAT on the Amazon sharing the message of salvation and relieving the sick and suffering is quickly coming to fruition.  Please join us in praising God for His continued blessings and fulfilled promises.  Truly He has met every financial need.  He who owns the world is willing to supply every need to see His message be carried to the world!  

God Bless,

Brad, Lina and Levi Mills

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