Now in South America

November 6, 2007 at 1:21 pm

Dear Friends and family,

            We are writing this letter at about 41,000 feet in the air on our way to South America.  So much has happened since we last sent out a letter updating you on God’s leading in our lives.  We want to take a minute to share these things with you.

            Originally we had planned on flying to California to sail the catamaran from there all the way to Brazil, but due to weather patterns along the way the boat had to head south sooner than we could leave.  So the boat donor and Lina’s brother are sailing the boat right now.  We are scheduled to meet up with them in Grenada the beginning of December and take the boat the rest of the way to Brazil.  In the mean time, we are flying to Bolivia right now to visit the little jungle school that we helped start in 2004.  It will be the school’s first graduation ever!  We will be there for about a week and from there we head over to Manaus, Brazil to have our first meetings with the church, the conference and the union.  We will be there until early December when we head to Grenada to meet up with the boat.

            We shared with you in our last email the challenge of getting our loans paid off by the time we left.  The $20,000 that we owed on our loans we left in God’s hands.  The original offer we received for $10,000 towards the loans did not come through as expected because that money was funneled towards paying for the boats voyage to Brazil.  So that put us back at owing $15,000.  We prayed and were impressed that God wanted us to continue moving forward and that HE could easily take care of this amount.  With our very small amount of faith we moved forward.  We are thrilled to tell you that God paid off EVERY dollar of our loans, prior to our departure.  One of the very last Sabbath’s that we were in the US we spoke at a church and shared with them what God had done in our lives, all the many miracles that had occurred.  We did not share with the church the exact amount of money that we still owed, which happened to be $3,200.  In God’s amazing providence, we received three checks that Sabbath that totaled exactly $3,200!!  We are officially paid off!  With these thrilling demonstrations of how God provides, we are moving forward with faith that God can continue to fund this faith based program.  Many have asked: How are you going to have enough money on a monthly basis to pay for this huge program?  We wondered the same thing until we saw clearly how God can provide every need, JUST like the Bible says!

            Please keep us in your prayers.  We will update you soon when we get to Brazil and start to see God at work! 

God Bless,

Brad, Lina and Levi Mills

P.S. We have now safely arrived in Bolivia!


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